Late night food cravings


Some people like to eat their food late in the evening or during the night and some like to eat it very late in the night. There are many reasons for this and we would like to share with you why this eating pattern develops? How to avoid it and what are the best snacks to eat when you suffer from late night hunger pangs.

Late night food cravings:

There can be many reasons behind eating late at night. We present some of the popular ones below;

Habit: Often people develop a habit of eating late at night. They stay awake for work, studies or other reasons and then they feel hungry and indulge in late night eating.

Low intake during the day: If you eat less during the day naturally your body will ask for food during night. To curb your hunger, you will then have to eat during night.

Medical reasons: There could be medical reasons as well to eat late at night. One study suggests body’s internal clock increases a desire for sweet, salty or starchy food at night. Another study says imbalance in hormones can also be a reason for eating food late at night.

Psychological reasons: These include loneliness, grief, procrastination or even a lack of outdoor time.

These are some of the reasons people like to eat late at night. Now let us focus our attention on how to control this habit.

Find the reason:

We have identified a few causes of eating late at night. See if your own reason is among them. Once you have identified it take the corrective measures and remove it. This should help a great deal.

Go to bed earlier:

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. It is very important you inculcate this habit and follow it. This will set your internal body clock with the clock outside. Both of them should be in sync. Once you follow a routine your eating patterns will improve too. Just try it.

Say no to binge-watching:

People love to binge watch their favorite shows or surf the net during night. They say it is their ‘me time’ and they can indulge in their favorite pastime without any interference. This however makes you a night time eater. You often do not realize it but you are mostly eating while watching. In this way you get addicted to eating food at night even when you are not watching anything.

Check your diet:

To make yourself feel fuller for a longer time you will have to modify your diet. Include more fiber, protein and good fats during the day and you will have less food cravings during the night. 

This also implies eating meals on a regular basis during the day and not skipping breakfast at all.

Distract yourself:

When you feel like eating during night try to distract your mind from food to something else. Think other thoughts than food. It is often emotional hunger than real hunger. You can also busy yourself in some other pastime like reading or anything that keeps the food thoughts away.

Throw away the junk away:

Sometimes your brain is asking you to eat because the brain knows there is food to eat. For this you should not keep any stock of junk food in the house. 

Seek help:

Don’t shy of reaching out to a professional if you think the habit or eating late in night is getting out of hand. There could be emotional or medical reasons which you are not able to identify.

Snacks for late night cravings:

If you have to eat at night, at least make it healthy. Instead of munching on junk food we give you options of some clean food that will satisfy your hunger buds without the added guilt of loaded calories.


Eggs can be your go-time food during night. They are rich in proteins and good fats. Nearly every home has eggs. You can have them in a variety of ways. You can fry them, boil them, poach them and make an egg omelet. There are a lot of things that you can do with your eggs. Its cheap, easy and won’t take much time.


Yogurt is another healthy food option to have during night. It is packed with probiotics, calcium and in the case of Greek Yogurt protein too. It is also known to have sleep inducing properties. You can add some berries and make a fruit yogurt or you can also have it with sugar. It tastes good and you should have it as a late-night meal.


Cereals can be another of the healthy food options for late night. It is super easy to make. Sometimes you just have to add milk in a bowl of cereal and that’s all. A little more effort could be making one over stove which won’t take more than a couple of minutes. There are many healthy cereals and they make good late-night food.

Protein smoothie:

Try protein smoothie for late night hunger pangs. You can also have it before you decide to sleep and maybe you won’t need a late-night eating spree. Protein helps muscle repair and helps slow down age related muscle loss. It is also very easy to make. You can add seasonal fruits, chocolate and other seasonings to give it some extra punch. You will love it.


So, there you have it. We have provided you enough information regarding late night food cravings. You should first try to avoid it in the first place. Identify the cause and work on it. This should be helpful. Secondly if you have to eat then make sure you eat a healthy late-night snack. Avoid junk food altogether, it will wreak havoc with your system. Enjoy your late night food cravings with no guilt.